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Western Carolina Antique Tractor Pull

Rules for Super Antique Tractors 1960 or older

1. Safety rules apply to all tractors, classes, and drivers.
2. Drawbar maximum height of 20 inches to hook point, fixed in all directions. No floating drawbars.
3. Length of drawbar 18 inches minimum from the center of wheel to hook point.
4. Tractors must be equipped with clearly visible and easily accessible 3-inch ring hitch or clevis with 3-inch opening in horizontal position.
5. Only factory fuels shall be used: Kerosene, Diesel, Propane or Gasoline.
6. Maximum RPM shall be 25% over factory specification.
7. Tractors must have working governors. No manual override is permitted.
8. Tractors must have working brakes.
9. Tractors must have functioning wheelie bars no more than 10 inches high and extending no less than 5 inches past the tires.
10. Tractors must have engine stop switch within reach of the operator.
11. Weight racks are permissible. The front weights should not extend more than 11 feet from the center line of the rear axle, and the rear weight rack must not extend past the rear tires.
12. Tractors must have the original frame and the original manufacturer’s brand of engine offered in the original tractor, fitted onto the original bell housing and shall be bolted directly to the original mount with no alteration and shall have no more or no less cylinders than the original motor.
13. Tractors with factory gear reduction, such as Torque Amplifier or multi-power shifts, are allowed only one shift.
14. All wheels and tire sizes up to 23.1x38 in. diameter are permitted.
15. Cut tires and radial tires are permitted.
16. Tractors can pull in any gear.
17. WCATP may change or modify these rules when in its sole discretion there is a danger to the drivers or spectators.
18. Any disputes are to be settled by a three-man committee.
19. All Super Antique drivers must have a valid driver’s license.
20. All participants do so at their own risk. Western Carolina Antique Tractor Pull assumes no liability for any loss, cost, injury, or damage to persons or property which may arise by virtue of participation in the event.

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