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Western Carolina Antique Tractor Pull

Rules and Regulations

1. Safety is always priority!

2. The officials of the Western Carolina Antique Tractor Pull (WCATP) will enforce the rules for safety, fairness, and the best interest of the WCATP.

3. The track officials’ decisions will be final.

4. No alcohol or drugs will be permitted.

5. No unsportsmanlike conduct will be permitted. Such conduct will result in disqualification.

6. No reckless driving of a tractor will be permitted on or off the track. Violators will be subject to disqualification.

7. Tractors must not be left running unattended.

8. Drivers must remain in their seats at all times during a pull.

9. Drivers under 18 years of age will be permitted to pull after meeting the following requirements:

     • Drivers under 18 years of age can compete in the stock class only.

     • Parents must sign a release form.

     • Operators must pass a driver’s test.

     • Drivers must be able to weigh up and back up to sled.

     • It is recommended that a remote kill switch be installed on all tractors operated by drivers 12 years or younger.

10. Only the driver shall be on the tractor – no riders permitted.

11. Tractors must be in loose chain position with the tractor in neutral and hands off controls before hooking and unhooking.

12. Tractors must have functioning wheelie bars no more than 10 inches high and extending no less than 5 inches past the tires.

13. Tractors must have working brakes.

14. Tractors that drop or lose any parts, weights, etc. are disqualified.

15. In the event a tractor stalls or breaks down, the driver can drop to last position provided he / she is not over the 25-foot line. If the driver elects not to drop to last position, his pull distance will be the point of stall or breakdown.

16. If the tractor pulls the sled too easily in the judgment of the sled operator, the sled operator will adjust the weight and the tractor can pull again or drop to last position.

17. When a tractor pulls the sled the full distance, it will be known as a full pull. When two or more tractors in the same class make a full pull, the sled operator will adjust the sled and have a pull-off. Pull-off tractors will line up in the order they made their original pull. A full pull will be 300 feet.

18. The digital counter on the sled will be the official distance pulled.

19. Tractors that touch the white side lines will be out of bounds and disqualified.

20. A three-man committee will resolve all disputes.

21. Tractors must retain a factory appearance as approved by the committee.

22. WCATP officials reserve the right to inspect any tractor and/or operator at any time to insure that the rules and regulations are met.

Western Carolina Antique Tractor Pull

Rules and Regulations

23. Any tractor that fails to meet the rules and regulations will not be permitted to pull until infractions have been corrected.

24. All tractors must cross the scales to have a weight check after each pull. If overweight for the class entered, you will be disqualified. Once unhooked from the sled, drivers are not to get out of the seat until the tractor has been weighed.

25. Once the pull has started drivers must not attempt to change gears, clutch the tractor or jerk the sled in any way.

26. The shift of Torque Amplifiers or multi-power shifts will not be permitted except in SUPER CLASSES.

27. All out of competition tractors will be pulled at the end of each class they are pulling.

28. See additional rules pertaining to individual tractor or classes.

29. These rules can be added to or modified by the rules committee.

30. Any questions regarding these rules should be directed to the track officials or rules committee.

31. All participants do so at their own risk. Western Carolina Antique Tractor Pull assumes no liability for any loss, cost, injury, or damage to persons or property which may arise by virtue of participation in the event.

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